Rosato- Rose Italian Style

Rosato e Salumi

Rosato e Salumi

In Italy, Rose is called Rosato.  And because the world is finally waking up to this finer shade of wine there are more of these beauties gracing American wine store shelves. I found the Sicilian to the right in a cute little shop called Prima Vini in Walnut Creek, CA. The producer is Tenuta Delle Terre Nere and while the wine itself is great, the winemaker's description of why he made it made me love it even more. Check it out here. Spoiler: it's because his three year old daughter loves pink. Can there be a better reason to make a rosato?

The winery is near Mount Etna, the wine is organic, it's a D.O.C. wine (for more on that click here) , and it is salmony-pink made from Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio grapes. Nerello Mascalese makes a super-tannic red wine due to its thick skins, and Nerello Cappuccio is a bit more velvety in its red incranation. They grow well together and play well together in the bottle as the Etna red wine. Made as the rosato (with the skins yanked out before they impart too much redness) these two grapes are just a delight. So easy to drink it could be dangerous.

Worth seeking out and worth the $23 price tag, it plays well with salumi (my favorite is Fra Mani which is becoming more and more widely available, much to my delight.)  The producer is Tenuta Delle Terre Nere and when the weather cools down I will definitely try their red wines.  

Tomorrow we go to France! Until then- drink your pink. 

Mouthfeel, by Julie Glenn