Happy Rose Week!


Few things make wine nerds happier than an opportunity to chat up the awesomeness of Rose wine, and this is the week for loving Rose. I don't know who deemed this week to be a celebration of Rose, but I did notice that my fave blogger #grapefriend indicated thusly- also the wine shop at Walnut Creek, CA called Prima Vini had no less than an entire rack loaded with pinkness front and center.  I'll call that second-sourcing.  

In honor of this auspicious week, I'll show a new one every day.  This first one is a Pinot Noir rose from the Anderson Valley of California.  It comes from the boutique winery called Toulouse which is known for making pretty amazing Pinot Noir (the straight-up red version). Their rose is an excellent example of how much power is on the fleshy insides of this grape.  Pinot Noir is not known for having a thick skin to begin with, so toss it aside in the winemaking process for rose and you still have quite a bit of yum factor to work with. The former wine growers who started Toulouse in the early 2000's made 430 cases of the 2011.  It costs $20-24 a bottle.


Mouthfeel, by Julie Glenn