Just :  Enjoy

Photo by Julie Glenn, 2013

As a person who loves food and wine, it seems logical that I quit a promising career in TV journalism to fly off to Italy for a year to earn a Master's Degree.  OK, perhaps not logical but definitely fun- which is what I think food and wine writing should be. I had big plans to return from Italy and dive right into freelancing, but at the beginning of the recession no one wanted to hear about food and wine- particularly when everyone resented their grocery bill. 

So, instead, I quietly built up my freelancing portfolio while holding down a “real” job selling wine to restaurants and wine shops in my little corner of Southwest Florida. While the locavore, hipster, free-range foodies mutated into a formidable movement, I decided to move my writing from that cannon and focus on what I really know: wine. I've tried thousands of wines, sold tens of thousands of bottles, and developed a good sense of how the business of wine shapes the palate. My philosophy on writing about wines is to remove some of the mythology and hype and to tell people what is really happening in the bottle, at the winery, on the store shelves, and on their tongue. I want to help people navigate through the intimidating sea of wine out there and find a mouthfeel that is right for them. 


Mouthfeel, by Julie Glenn